Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blunt boars

Have spent a week in southern Sweden in the region of Småland and to my surprise the boars have been very unshy recently. The neighbor found first one boar eating from his birdhouse in the garden during broad daylight. Later he found two boars in his garage. It is almost unnecessary to mention that of course his field has received some serious plowing by the boars.

This male boar passed by my house 6 in the evening.
It is a fairly big male boar.

Considering that boars were extremely rare 20 years ago in this area, it has now become a very different situation.


Birgitta said...

Hope he stays away from your house......

Petter said...

As long as they spare the roses and blueberries its ok. A good fence will be necessary. Noticed that the poor Juniper in the garden had been brutally grazed by a moose.