Monday, April 11, 2011

Biebrza workshop

The workshop in Biebrza National Park was very inspiring research wise, and the bonus of getting to see the mighty Biebrza spring flood was jaw dropping in the true sense of thee word.

For Swedish standards it is hard to comprehend the size of management that is done in Biebrza. 10 times the area that is mown in Sweden is mown only in Biebrza in order to preserve the Aquatic warbler. To mow such a large wet fen the managers in Biebrza have chosen to use redesigned PistenBully´s that are normally used preparing ski slopes.

The wildlife in Biebrza includes 3 wolf packs, out of which 1 is residing in the area were we stayed. Unfortunately we did not get the chance to see any, but we did find a little grass snake warming itself in the sunshine.


panek said...

Hi Petter,
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Piotr Panek

Petter said...

Thank you Piotr.
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