Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All is well in the universe – almost; or will be – some day.

4 days have passed since I received the in print version of our paper, and with eyes large as dinner plates, and the chin dropped down to the floor tried to grasp the fact that lightning had indeed struck twice. Obviously I was disappointed, but most of all I felt as if all the work that I and others put in was not taken seriously, and that hurt. This blog, who mostly has been a place for me to share my work and ideas with friends at home, got flooded and it hasn´t stopped.

I do want to say this. I am very grateful for that everybody from the Journal Manager Ms Shanmugam, the handling editor, the chief editor Professor Primack, Dr Broerse at the Publishing department, and senior vice president of Elsevier Journal Publishing Mr Terheggen have expressed understanding, apologized, and taken quick actions to correct this.

I understand that the entire Issue has been put on hold, and this illustrates clearly how seriously you take this incident, which I think speaks well of you.

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